Monday, October 5, 2015

Oregon's Hero: Chris Mintz

Last Thursday, another school shooting occurred. Yes, another one. These horrific events are starting to become more and more popular, and make headlines across the United States. The most recent shooting happened at a community college in Oregon. A 26 year old man walked into one of the buildings, and started shooting through another door at those in that specific room, killing nine people. In the midst of the shooting, Chris Mintz, a student and army veteran, attempted to stop the shooter. Mintz repeatedly told him to stop, and put the gun down. He was shot five times, and is now recovering in a hospital. He had gunshot wounds, and two broken legs. I think it is incredible how Mintz reacted to the shooting. He showed great bravery, and deserves to be rewarded for that. Luckily, many people support him through his recovery, and everyone is grateful for his service in the military, and his dedication to protecting those in his country.