Monday, November 16, 2015

Wage Differences Today

When looking for possible topics for our Social Injustice Paper, I came across a page about the differences of pay between men and woman today. The first stat I noticed was one I knew of, but still shocking. For the past 8 years, women have made around 77 cents for every dollar men made. This changes based on location, race, and age, but men always make significantly more. Obviously this is not fair, but compared to 50 years ago, this is still an improvement. Back then, women made about 60% of what men made. Now if we had made the change over a span of five years or so, that would've been acceptable. But, for it to raise from 60% to about 80% is a very slow rate of change. Today, people have tried to do small things to change this wage gap, but none have been affective. Per, the equal pay act has not been changed since 1963. The equal pay act basically discussed how sex discrimination is not allowed. Though this exists, there is still a difference in pay, which some consider to be not only unfair, but also discriminating against women.

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