Sunday, December 6, 2015

What is going on today??

Right now, the world is having a problem. Shootings have increased drastically. In our English class, over half of the blogs contain at least one post about shootings, whether about school shootings or in general. Our blogs talk about shootings everywhere, but lets just focus on the United States right now. A post on pointed out the U.S. has had more school shootings than China, France, Germany, China, and Russia. Combined. The Forbes article also mentioned a study done by Harvard: Between 1982 and 2011, mass shootings happened a little more than once a year, about 1 every 200 days. Now, in the U.S., it averages one shooting every 64 days. It seems difficult to figure out why this is happening, but researchers are trying to figure out why and how they can stop it. There are several ideas for prevention right now, and it's time to start considering some of them. One solution is stricter gun laws. Now, this does not mean getting rid on every gun, and banning them outright. What it does mean, is better screening processes, and better enforcement of that process. Another is screening for risk factors. Usually, people who commit these acts have different views on things than typical people, and sometimes have violent tendencies which go unnoticed. The third solution is less glorification of the shooter. With the media and attention today, shooters are getting a lot of recognition. This inspires many other people to do the same thing, per the article, which leads to more problems.
Overall, the problem of mass shootings is still rising, but hopefully we can do something about it to prevent them in the future.


  1. I totally agree with you! We need to do something about guns fast.

  2. It is interesting that most of our class has touched on this issue. It is clear the hot topic in the United States, but the problem isn't close to being solved. I think once the dust has settled 30 years from now, this will go down for what these years are remembered for. Just like how the 60's are remembered for the civil rights movement, the 2010's will be remembered for the gun control movement and terrorism prevention.